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33-years-old female
from Russian Federation / Kazan
seeking 29–55 years-old male
likeable girl, kind and correct
About me
I search for tenderness, mind interesting interlocutor, good husband. The man, with which it is possible to be itself.I am very cheerful girl, which is simple adores to dance and chatter on souls. I very much like tennis and ski. I adore to travel and I dream once to travel all world. Only it would be desirable to inform my small, but by the very unpredictable world. I like my friends, through which I really have seen the world by such, that it is - complete secrets and adventures. I very love my parents, which have helped me to become with that I am in this minute. Yes, it is possible to say, I am happy. At the moment I am carried away by photos and drawing. In free time I attend disco with the friends and I read Russian literature.
marital status:
About ideal match
I search self-assured, reliable, correct, careful, gentle, romantic with good sense of humour. The man capable to create strong happy family, which always will help difficult minute and will be my support.