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40-years-old male
from United States / Texas
seeking 33–99 years-old female
seeking a caring arms
About me
I'm Richard Jones. I'm around 6 foot tall and beautiful eyes as my mother calls them! I see myself as a very honest and trustworthy man. I like to kick back and relax after work most of the time, watch a movie, tv ,or a game,or just blast the music & piss off my neighbors, lol... Haven't been to one in a while,but love going to concerts. I used to bowl, for about 18 years,had to quit because it was getting to pricey. I reached my limit on how good i could bowl,quit with a 185 average if you must know. I am way better at darts anyway, it's cheaper and more fun and i make more money in darts then i ever did in bowling.
marital status:
body type:
183 cm (6'0)
101 kg (223 lbs)
Graduate degree
No, don't smoke
has children:
About ideal match
Anyone that is not full of shit!!! I hate women that say they like one type of person and yet they are usually with the total opposite, you know the ones that treat them like shit,cheat on them,smack them around and then go back to them and say it will never happen again,but they keep goin back for more. If your dumb enough to go back after the first time ,then baby you fucking deserve what's coming to you!!! I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Somebody with some morals would be nice for a change, where are you???? I guess i am lucky, my parents are still married and will celebrate their 40th anniversary this July. I don't think I know anyone off the top of my head that can say that,not bragging just saying these day's that hardly ever happens. People get married and after a few years they get divorced, lack of communication usually, they just fight,keep it all bottled up and then go fuck around on their spouse, sometimes having a kid with that other person. I am too old to put