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45-years-old female
from Canada / Edmonton
seeking 35–44 years-old male
Who wants comic relief?
About me
can be introverted/extroverted,, it all depends.. family/friends very important part of my lover, into martial arts anything, like to maintian healthy lifestyle - 4X a week at the the outdoors and natures gifts.. like to be active with all types of activities,, friiends say i am abitof a rebela dn will rise to a my job and i push myself for personal/professional grwoth.. recently stated to travel and like to do learnign about other cultures..tend to have a bit of a sarcastic side but all in good spontanous but can be responsible when needed.. am curious about people and i can be silly and serious given the situation..bad speller.. love ethnic foods /entertaining / the white wine only.. other likes: anything of the color purple..chochalate..lipsticks(addiction),movies..J
AVA is a must. chillin & reading. having personal time is a must for me..having balance in my life is a key factor.. and being happy with who i am ...
marital status:
Hazel brown
Dark brown
Athletic / Toned
body type:
157 cm (5'2)
50 kg (110 lbs)
Bachelor's degree
No, don't smoke
has children:
Social Services
About ideal match
Honesty, deomonstrates themselves with integrity by their actions,, someone who can walk beside me..kindess to others becasue that is who they are..friendships/family is important to them..Motivated individual who is willing to reevaluate and grow from thier daily echanges rather than aviod situations..someone who can make me LAUGH.. someone who can adapt easliy given any situation.. someone who is not afraid to be themsleves but conducts themselves with respect to others..