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25-years-old female
from United States / New york city
i want hot guys.....
About me
my name is Doris Smith..i'm a simple girl..i'm content with what I have and what I don't, trust, family, and friendships are what mean the most to me..i'm unpredictable and pretty predictable at the same time lol..i'm stubborn but I try my best to not let that side get the best of everyone..i keep friends and family close and I cherish the little moments that mean the most to me..drama means nothing to me and I could careless what others think about me..i let things go in one ear and out the other..i cant stand to be alone..i would like to reconnect with old friends that I have lost touch with over the wanna know anything, lemme know more about me, add me sexiihotdoris att yeahow dot cumm....
marital status:
Blue green
Dark blonde
About ideal match
you know what, when it comes to guys, I sure know how to pick know the ones that put on a front and pretend to be something they're not..then turn out to psycho low-life dead that can't respect women..i am so tired of being with that it's crazy..i just want a guy that is gonna make me feel wanted and respect me at the same time and not put me down when we're fighting or anything like that and think they have the right to put their hands on me..i seriously feel for all the women out there who go through the stupid things now I want the right one for me!!!
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