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24-years-old female
from United States / Sacramento
seeking 18–99 years-old female
Add me up dianne_anderson4 at ymessenger :)
About me
I'm a free-spirit, a romantic and a dreamer. I believe in honesty, true love and awesome sex. I'm originally from LaGrange, Kentucky, but I moved to long beach, california, in 2004 to attend college I enjoy playing tennis and guitar in my spare time, as well as writing songs and drawing make-believe characters for the children's books that I also like to write. I have a passion for fashion design and costume design, too, and I totally love to model whenever the opportunity presents itself. My "girl next door" looks are deceptive as they are accompanied by a rather perverse mind and I've been keenly aware of my power and kinks since adolescence. As for any other information about me, please feel free to ask and I will feel free to answer or not to answer depending on the question.
marital status:
About ideal match
I am looking for that one guy out there that knows how to treat a women
with respect and dignity . Look out at the stars. Write poetry , and
short stories. I like country and some rock music . I don't have a low
self esteem. I am me ... and that's all there is too it. If you really
want to know me for me ... I enjoy life and spending time with family
and friends , however , I am ready to find someone special to spend my
time with also . I enjoy the
outdoors, camping, swimming . I also enjoy
watching a good movie , home cooked meal and relaxing at home . I also
enjoying trying new things and meeting new people . I am looking for
someone who has similar interests , enjoys life and someone who is my best
friend as well as my lover .